Database April 21st / December 21st , 2012
Carrara, Museo del Marmo

We all want a better city: a more liveable, more organized, more proactive, more interactive city, more modern but less globalized.

Well, we’ve rolled up our sleeves, and thought up a format capable of summoning international artists to the city, who create a dialogue with our historical heritage, without forgetting that many internationally recognized artists are already active in our city as professors at the Academy of Fine Arts.

We realized that young cultural associations like our own operate with professionalism and enthusiasm in specific fields, such as education, guided tours, hospitality and tourist reception, but also in the fields of architectural design and communications.

We put everyone in contact, and brought the DATABASE program within the Museum of Marble, thanks to our experience in the planning of exhibitions and cultural events. In the same way as an actual digital archive, DATABASE is able to communicate, preserve, and also divulge our history through contemporary codes. 


I’m speaking to walls

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