Events Schedule

The schedule will be integrated throughout the span of the Database program (April 2012 – December 2012). Events, lectures and shows will be reported on the website and through the mailing list.

If interested, please visit our website periodically, and/or register for our newsletter.

 April 21st – May 5th
Giacomo Verde | Accademia al Museo (From the Academy to the Museum)
 May 25 – July 29th
Avelino Sala | DISTOPIA: RIGHT NOW | Solo show
 June 1st – 21st December
Yuri Ancarani | video screening | Il Capo
 June 30th
Avelino Sala meets the public | Panelists: Josè Luis Corazón Ardura e Emanuela Minuto, moderated by Federica Forti
 July 4th 
Yuri Ancarani Meets the public | Panelists: Elena Marcheschi and Giulia Simi, moderated by Federica Forti
 July 7th – 21st
Massimo Cittadini | Accademia al Museo
 July 24th – 26th
Paolo Breccia | Film exhibition | Screening schedule
 September 15th to 29th
Aron Demetz Accademia al Museo
 August 29th – November 23rd
Artist workshops and residencies Andrew Rutt Robert Pettena Graham Hudson
 Decembert 15th – January 19th
Stefano Canto Graham Hudson Robert Pettena Andrew Rutt |The Stones are My Ideas of Imagination



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