Giacomo Verde

Giacomo Verde

Giacomo Verde was born in Cimitile, in the province of Naples, in 1956. He graduated from the Art Institute of Florence in 1977. He has worked in theatre and art since 1973.

He is the inventor of the “tele-story”: theatre performances which combine story-telling, micro-theatre and macro recording shot live, which the artist also uses for live video-backdrops during concerts and poetry recitals. He is among the first in Italy to have worked with interactive art and net-art. He currently teaches Video Installations at the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara.


  • “IL RISORGIMENTO DELLE DONNE” (“Women’s Risorgimento”) video with Annalisa Costagli, Livorno Committee for the promotion of the values of the Italian Resurgence.
  • “IL PIANETA BLU” (“The blue planet”) live set-video and images, show by the DelleAli Theatre Company
  • “ODISSEA” video-backdrops, video reading – concert of the work curated by the DelleAli Theatre Company.
  • “RIVEL’AZIONE” rearrangement of performances with video installation for “ImmaginAzioni” , an exhibition curated by Elena Marcheschi, Ragghianti Foundation, Lucca
  • “LABORATIORIO PER L’USO CREATIVO DELLA LAVAGNA INTERATTIVA” (“Workshop for the creative use of the interactive blackboard”) – Castiglioncello (LI) Elementary School, curated by the Teseco Foundation for Art.
  • “C.A.L.L.A.S. Conveying Affectiveness in Leading-edge Living Adaptve Systems” International project featuring the virtual character Bit
  • “T.W.I.S.T.” collaboration in the International project for the creation of a new virtual character on the topic of “Women and Science”
  • “WHITEDOORS-VJ architectural live video mapping” with Marcantonio Lunardi and Enzo Gentile
  • “IMMATERIAL SOLDIERS PROJECT … oltre il vjing” creation of two live-media performances: “ELETTRIFICAZIONE” and “MULTIREVERSE”
  •  “POETRY VIDEO CELL” art video-blog for the poetry blog


  •  “COME IL PANE” (“Just like bread”) performance, Museum of Modern Art of Bologna, MAMbo, within the “Collezioni mai viste” program, curated by the 0GK Association and Uliana Zanetti
  • “NoiSexDVj” performance with the crew, Betty&Books space, Bologna
  •  ”ASCESA E CADUTA DELLA CITTÀ DI MAHAGONNY” (“Rise and fall of the city of Mahoganny”) video backdrops for the work of Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill, for the Opera Studio of the Goldoni Theatre Foundation, Livorno.
  •  ”DA LEONARDO A VERNE” (“From Leonardo to Verne”) Mixed media lecture performance featuring the virtual animated character Bit. Produced by Giallo Mare Minimal Theatre.
  •  “FREE CELL VIDEO ART” project for the creative use of mobile video phones.
  •  “CHE LIBERI SIAM GIA’”, video on the  festivity of the “maggiaioli” of Braccagni (GR)
  •  “ELASTIK 360°” live video-backdrops for the acrobatic performance by Mattatoio Sospeso
  •  ”ABSOLUT POETRY” live video-backdrops, 4th edition of the International Festival of Poetry, Monfalcone.
  •  “DOCTOR-CLIP live video-backdrops, RomePoetry Film Festival
  •  “BERLUSCONI NON ESISTE” (“Berlusconi does not exist”) iconic revolt and  visible digital painting art project.


  •  ”MEGLIO MORIRE CHE PERDERE LA VITA (3 visioni poetiche nell’era catodica della catalessi)”: (“Better to die than to lose one’s life3 poetic visions in the cathodic era of catalepsy” ) – Three videos based on texts by Lello Voce, music by Frank Nemola, drawings by Robert Rebotti for the book and DVD by Lello Voce  “L’esercizio della Lingua” (“The exercise of Language”).
  •  “BIT E BOLD ELA STORIA DIBIANCANEVE” (“Bit and Bold and the Story of Snow White”) – show for the Giallo Mare Minimal Theatre of Empoli, featuring the virtual animated character Bit.


  •  DAL BIG BANG AL MICRO BIT. I PARADOSSI DELL’EVOLUZIONE” (“From the Big Bang to the Micro bit – Paradoxes of evolution”) – educational performance featuring the animated virtual character Bit, Rome Festival of Science. Produzione E-tica (E-thical Production) with Antonio Boccola and Renzo Boldrini
  •  “VIDEO DI PROPAGANDA EUTOPICA” (“Eutopic propaganda video”) – three videos presented in world-wide premiere with three performances at the Malafestival of Torino.


  •  ”NESSUNO SAPEVA COS’ERA: storie di migranti a Lucca” (“Nobody knew what it was: stories of migrants in Lucca”), video
  •  ”SINTOMI SCOMPOSTI (che mutano nel tempo)” (“Broken down symptoms which change in time”) video installation
  •  ”VIDEO INSTALLAZIONI AGITE” workshop for the creation of seven works dedicated to Galileo Galilei for the “IPXE DIXIT” event in Pisa.
  •  ”6 VISIONI D’AUTORE” (“Six artistic views”) for the project “TeleArti: videosegni d’artista senza dovere di cronaca”,  Festa Nazionale dell’Unità, Pesaro


  •  ”STORIE MANDALICHE 3.0″, i.e. the central plan version of “Storie Mandaliche 2.0″
  •  ”CERCANDO UTOPIE: CONTAGIO” ( “Searching for utopia: contagion”) World-wide premiere, Dimora Theatre, Mondaino


  •  ”INCONSAPEVOLI MACCHINE POETICHE SULL’UTOPIA” (“Unaware poetic machines on Utopia”), Percorrenze0405 event, Serravalle Pistoiese
  •  ”TVP #000 Cercando Utopie” video on the first study of the performance for the EutopiE project.
  •  ”SENZA RISARCIMENTO” (“Without compensation”) video on the dangers on nuclear energy


  •  ”EutopiE” project for artistic considerations on possible futures, “Teatro Educazione Innovazione” (“Theatre Education Innovation”) convention/seminar, Cascina
  •  MAYA5116 PROJECT website for video and text file web-sharing.
  •  INCONSAPEVOLE MACCHINA POETICA: SULL’UTOPIA (“Unaware poetic machine: on Utopia”) interactive installation dedicated to Living Theatre and developed with
  •  RIVOLUZIONE DELLE ORBITE (“Orbit revolution”) Mixed media performance, dedicated to Living Theatre and developed with


  •  ”S’ERA TUTTI SOVVERSIVI, dedicato a Franco Serantini” (“We were all revolutionaries, dedicated to Franco Serantini”), video on the murder of a young anarchist from Pisa in May 1972.
  •  INTERNO NEVE (“Interior snow” ) interactive installation developed with the group, Pasquini Castle, Castiglioncello
  •  ”oVMMO – OVIDIOMETAMORPHOSEON” sound/video/web/performance, first live version
  •  GLOBAL-TELEVISION featuring the virtual character Global-Bit in the first satellite transmissions.
  •  AHA, Activism, Hacking, Artivism Exhibition/Event project,  curated by Tatiana Bazzichelli, Rome.


  •  ”Dilette Ombre, echi del melodramma nel cinema italiano” (“Dear shadows. Echoes of melodrama in Italian cinema”) – video
  •  ”La faccia nascosta del teatro, incontro con Robert Lepage”, (“The hidden face of theatre, interview with Robert Lepage”) – video
  •  ”Solo limoni” (“Just lemons”) – video – poetic documentation in 13 episodes on the anti-g8 movement in Genova.


  •  ”Gente ugualmente” (“People anyhow”) – video filmed in Serbia
  •  ”La mia pittura è dialettale, su i quadri e i disegni di P.P. Pasolini” (“My painting is dialectal – On the paintings and drawings of P. P. Pasolini”) – video


  •  ”Ombre marine” (“Marine shadows”) – video for Fiabilandia
  •  ”Luoghi comuni: cartoline, Internet e gallerie d’arte” (“Common places: postcards, Internet and art galleries”) – project developed with the Theleme group.
  •  Minimal TV, collaborates with the Quinta Parete group of Empoli in the creation of the smallest street television in the world, Vinci (Fi)


  • “Poltrona In-mobilcasa” mixed media installation included in the exhibition “Oltre il villagio globale” (“Beyond the global village”), Milan Triennial Exhibition


  •  ”Opera d’ArtO”. televisiva” installation and video


  •  ”oper’azione ultrascenica” Santarcangelo Festival


  •  ”Piazza Virtuale” (“Virtual square”) – Interactive television project in collaboration with Van Gogh TV, IX Documenta, Kassel


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