Massimo Cittadini

Massimo CittadiniMassimo Cittadini was born in Ascoli Piceno in 1959. He received a degree in architecture in 1988 from the University of Florence. A lover of art, computer technology and mixed media, in 1985 he became a partner of the Neon gallery in Bologna, and collaborated with various artists and groups in Florence. Starting from the late 1980s his main focus turned to virtual and artificial reality and interactivity. He lives and works between Milan and Florence. Since 2003 he has held courses in web design and mixed media installations at the Fine Arts Academy of Carrara.

Under the alias “Massimo Contrasto”, he works as a mixed media artist, mainly creating interactive installations, based on the 2D Mandala virtual reality System – in which the camera is used as an input device – and applied to various fields: art, education, advertising, dance, workshops…  He expands his research by using a webcam or other XXX in place of a camera, open hardware electronic devices, and the Arduino microcontroller.


AHAcktitude2011 Organization; Workshop on Physical Computing in Vinci


Transductors Connections, music and performance group which uses self-made instruments.


Dopofuturismo (“Afterfuturism”), organization of the two-day Afterfuturist event at the school of New Technologies for Art at the Academy of Carrara, presenting interactive installations on the occasion of the launch of the Afterfuturist Manifesto, one-hundred years after the Futurist Manifesto.


Massimo Contrasto participates in the AHA- Activism, Hacking, Artivism – Exhibition/Event Project curated by Tatiana Bazzichelli, which took place in Rome in February 2002.


zoneGemma, a laboratory of biotechnological culture founded with Giacomo Verde, Annamaria Monteverdi and Andrea Balzola for the show “Storie Mandaliche”.


Mr. Regular, interactive mixed media installation


EXP, collaboration with choreographer Ariella Vidach and Claudio Prati from AIEP for one of the first interactive dance performances of the 90s.


Debito psichico, tre bottoni virtuali che ci portano ognuno in un diverso ambiente interattivo


Debito psichico (“Psychic debt”), three virtual buttons which lead us to three different interactive environments. 1993

Uomomacchina” installation in which the participant can interact with the works of 20th-century artists (Duchamp, Malevich, Pollock, Schwitters and others), winner of the 10th edition of the Oscar Signorini Foundation Prize for computer art, organized by the periodical D’Ars


RealeSceltaVirtuale, (“RealVirtualChoice”), four rooms in which to play with language, music, virtual painting, and the wheel of technological knowledge.


Buddha Vision, installation created with the GMM using the Mandala System


I’m speaking to walls

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