Yuri Ancarani meets the public

YURI ANCARANI meets the public
Panelists: Elena Marcheschi and Giulia Simi, Moderator: Federica Forti

Carrara Wednesday July 4th, Museum of Marble – Viale XX Settembre, 83

7.30 p.m. | aperitif hosted by Wanda Rolla
9.00 p.m. | Yuri Ancarani meets the public; Panelists: Elena Marcheschi (independent curator) and Giulia Simi (consultant for digital communication); Moderator: Federica Forti, curator of the DATABASE project.
11.00 p.m. | screening of Il CAPO, 35mm – 15′ (2010) and of PIATTAFORMA LUNA, HDV – 25′ (2011)

Yuri Ancarani meets the public on Wednesday July 4th at the Museum of Marble, where the documentary IL CAPO – the first instalment of a trilogy of documentaries – will be in screening until December 21st 2012.  PIATTAFORMA LUNA, the second instalment of the trilogy, will also be screened during this evening.

The screening of IL CAPO at the Museum of Marble of Carrara is part of the DATABASE project, a calendar of events specifically created for the Museum, which will continue all throughout the year 2012. The video has been given in temporary concession by Gemeg for screening at the Museum of Marble.


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